Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to save a hostage or defuse a bomb? How about test yourself against the nation’s elite SOF and intelligence professionals? Did you actually want to be James Bond or a G.I. Joe as a kid? 

Enter CivGrp: an organization that puts applicants in real-life training scenarios, while at the same time, teaching applicable skills to give you the confidence to face any challenge. And we do mean any challenge, whether that means a tough project at work all the way up the scale to a dangerous, life-threatening situation. Turbulent times require steadfast people, we will help you get there.

Our staff has spent years on active duty in some of the toughest units and organizations in the US government. They will give you a taste of what missions are like. 

Experiences include scenario-based training, gear outfitting, and personal instruction as well as custom adventures where you will carry out the entire mission from planning, intel collection, analysis, and direct action missions where it’s your foot kicking in the door.